Psychic Mediumship

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Psychic readings are a great way of getting answers to questions and general divination, about
questions regarding relationships, family, career, spiritual paths and health. Help clarify decisions you
need to make or point you in the right direction on your life journey. A reading can help see the spiritual
reason behind a situation. In all my psychic readings I draw on spiritual resources to give guidance in a strightforward manner. Having insight and awareness as to what is occurring in our life on a deeper level helps to empower us.
Readings are conducted with sensitivity, confidentiality and with compassion.

As I read primarily by connecting with your energy, and with Spirit, I may also occasionally use Tarot for further in depth analysis.

Tarot cards are a tool
of divination that have been around since ancient Greece. Divination comes from the root word “Divine”, and literally
means “of the Divine”. During a reading I will also look at your aura and the energy around you.  I can see visions of the future
and also connect with the past, giving insight as to why something is presently being experienced. This can also be past lives.
I can scan your aura and chakra centres to detect any areas of weakness or illness. Often this is related to a spiritual cause.

If your reading is to focus primarily on Mediumship, it will be devoted to connecting with Spirit, usually of a Loved One.
Mediumship is the ability to communicate with Spirit. Spirit can communicate with me through  clairaudience, meaning I can hear them, and with clairvoyance and clairsentience, meaning I can also see them, and feel them.
Spirit guides or loved ones are often present and give messages of support and guidance. Usually there are more than one spirit that shows up for a reading, spirit guides, loved ones that have
past over. I even have had animals come to communicate to make their presence known.
It can be very profound to be able to connect with a loved one that has past over and receive a message.


Palmistry is the ancient art of reading the lines on hands that are unique to each individual and tell a
story of one’s life. Much of our life. it’s lessons, and the outline of it, are chosen prior to birth, to aid in our Soul’s Journey, and is thus written in our palms.  In using palmistry, I am able to “plug” into your energy. With this I can provide informaton and insight as to your life journey.
As nothing is written in stone, including our destiny, we as individuals have the ability to alter our life path for the better, through awareness. Learn important  life lessons as part of your soul journey and strengthen your connection with spirit.

Entity, Attachment Removal

Spirit is all around us, all the time. Some of these spirits are beneficial to us, like angels, or beings of light. some are not.These energy beings can be disruptive to us on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. sometimes these entities can attach to our araus causing further damage to us. These can occur when we are vunerable in some way, like severe stress, exhaustion, traumatic experiences, blood transfusions, severe intoxication or under influence of drugs. The technique used is to locate and release the offending energy /entity attachment the physical and energy field. Examples of entity attachment can include hearing voices physical sources that have no apparent source changes in behaviour cravings for alcohol, drugs or any other unhealthy behaviour. Fears and phobias that are new, pain and anxiety attacks unusual speech or accents, foreign language relapse in recovery process, severe mood swings, continuous immunity issues.

Contact me for more information and a no obligation consultation