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    It is the nature of life that we are offered glimpses in to a deeper meaning, glimpses that disappear, and return. Fueled by the desire to seek understanding of our life experience. The deeper understanding and meaning that evades us. Only returning when we show readiness and willingness to learn and understand. Surrendering to the moment in belief of the forces that are guiding our life. Offering a deeper understanding and giving meaning. Often these forces occur subtley, as inspiration, or imagination, giving pictures that are meant to guide us. Spiritual understanding is a nudge here and there, pushing us gently along our path.

    The Chaos that sometimes occurs in our life, a life crisis, is meant to drive our soul to a deeper search and understanding. Awakening our soul to the forces beyond the physical plane. Unfolding as we are are ready to accept and learn.

    Inspiration and guidance are all around us. Glimpses in to the deeper meaning of life. Which is about the soul’s journey. Where we recieve inspiration is unique to us as an individual. All meaningful and valid.For our paths are uniue. However. where it may lead us, are the same. If we are open to the forces that guide us.

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Contact me for more information and a no obligation consultation