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I contacted Lorraine for a spiritual reading recently.  I have had many experiences with spiritualists and psychic mediums in the past and this by far was the best reading I have ever received.  At the beginning of the reading she clearly explained her process and how she receives her information.  Lorraine has a strong connection to spirit and receives their messages clearly.

Lorraine connected with my loved ones who had crossed over and they validated who they were to her with information that was so precise, there was no doubt which loved ones were coming through.

Lorraine gave insight to my life’s mission, life lessons, past lives and my current path.  She discussed my current and past surroundings with such accuracy, it gave me chills.  I came away from the reading excited and still days later I am reminiscing over the messages I received.  She is truly gifted and I am grateful to her for the messages I received.


Lorraine provided me with a professional, amazingly accurate reading using a range of mediums. Lorraine’s intuition and guidance helped me go in a positive direction and face difficult challenges in my life. The reading was very detailed and highly accurate. It was amazing to me to hear that my mother, who has passed, was present. Lorraine gave details that no one would have knowledge of. The reading effected me in a very positive way and touched all aspects in my life that I needed the most guidance.


My first experience with Lorraine is when my mother was about to pass away. She came to the hospital to do reiki. I felt a peacefulness in the room. Lorraine was able to pick up on things from my mother, that she could not have known. Which provided me with confirmation that my mother knew what was happening. I am so grateful for that.
I have experienced Lorraine’s abilities with reiki, medium and card readings. I have felt energized, peaceful and gained some clarity in my own life because of awareness she shares with me. Her medium work—amazing. I am tickled and grateful. I have had several medium “parties”, and her connection to spirit, is undoubtable, for myself and those that were present. Her readings have been extremely accurate for myself and others as well. And more importantly than any of this, her kindness and willingness to give beyond what is expected, is more than most people I know.
I will continue my personal work with Lorraine, continue to access her abilities, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for personal growth, healing, clarity or connection to spirit.

luv Sonya!

I have been to Lorraine for readings for many years, as well as my husband and will continue to do so. Her home is a comfortable environment and puts you ease when you walk through the door. Lorraine will give you time to ask questions and explains the cards in depth. After my reading I come away with more peace of mind and understanding about my life path.

Tracey and Alan

Lorraine was able to provide me with what I can only describe as an amazingly accurate insight into my future. She had me figured out as soon as I reached her door. She explained how the readings would work and then set to work. My readings indicated guiding’s that could only have come from my mother. The directions that Lorraine shared has set me back on my correct path in life using insight that only my mother would know.


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