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Reiki (pronouced Ray-ki) is one of the most ancient healing methods known to mankind.
It originated in Tibet and was re-discovered by a  19th Century Japanese monk named Dr. Mikoa Usui. The word Reiki is made up of two japanese words, REI which means ” God’s Wisdom, or Higher Power, and Ki, which means “life force energy” When our energy level is low, we are more likely to get sick or feel stressed. When our energy level is high, or strong, we are more able to be happy and health.
Reiki acceraltes normal healing and repairs the core of the problem, often on an emotional or mental level.
Reiki sessions have a culminative effect, each session penetrates deeper into your energy flow to restore harmony and promote health. It also accelerates healing of other more traditional healing modalities, like medication, surgery, and pysiotherapy.
Reiki can heal in many areas, a few exampes are:
-assist in relieving migraines,allergies,fear, anger and guilt
-increases energy
-removes toxins
-releases suppressed feelings
-strengthens intuition
-boost immune system
-improve relationships with others
-free yourself from bad habits and disorders, like smoking and anorexia
-releases shadow self and abuse issues
-heals addictive behaviour
-improves focus and clarity
-soul retrieval
-chakra clearing,alignment and harmonization

Reiki is the laying on of hands touch healing system of powerful healing energy. It does not interfere with
any traditional health care and is non-denominational. Reiki can have a healing and cleansing effect on
an emotional/spiritual and physical level, clearing away toxins, strengthening  and harmonizing the immune system.

During this experience energy blockages can be removed that have
occured during this lifetime or past lifetimes that have caused dis-ease and stress or unhealthy patterns in life
relationships. Chakras can be cleared and balanced and  aura strengthened to create harmony,
balance and strength in life.  Communication with the higher consiousness or soul of the healee during this time can also occur.
I have found this to be very useful during my work as a nurse when caring for people that are
very ill and unable to speak, allowing me to communicate to find what the desire of the soul is at that time.
Reiki is also very helpful with those that are transitioning from the physical into the spirit world, and actively dying, It helps the soul to release and eases it on it’s journey to be met and recieved by spirit guides.

Healing sessions are offered. Classes on Reiki are offered in both a group and individual format.

Contact me for more information and a no obligation consultation