Answers for all your spiritual needs.

Sometimes the path that we are on is not always clear to us. The choices that we have to make may be confusing and not clear. Sometimes our faith is lost and our future is uncertain. Become more in touch with yourself. Connect with your purpose. Realize your potential. Receive divine guidance by way of a psychic reading. Connect with spirit. Receive healing energy. Live well.

My name is Lorraine. I am a psychic medium and empath. I was born with psychic abilities that I feel are part of life purpose in helping others. I have always been sensitive. Sometimes too much so. I easily understood what people were feeling, what they we experiencing and being able to feel the energy in a room. I have spent years working with these abilities and developing them further. From a very young age I had experiences that I did not fully understand. I saw things, spirit, and knew things that I was not sure how I knew. The art of palmistry came naturally to me, as did mediumship.

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Psychic Readings


Psychic readings are a great way of getting answers to questions and general divination, about questions regarding relationships, family, career, spiritual paths and health. Help clarify decisions you need to make or point you in the right direction on your life journey. A reading can help see the spiritual reason behind a situation.

Entity Removal


Difficulties with spirit beings in your home or work place. This may include assiting those that have passed over and are at unrest. It may also include an entity or being that has never been in the physical world. This is not for paranormal investigating, but rather assistance in situations where the individual is most certain that there is some unwanted paranormal activity and needs help in removing the spirit and may aso require guidance in psychic protection.



Reiki is the laying on of hands touch healing system of powerful healing energy. Reiki can have a healing and cleansing effect on an emotional/spiritual and physical level, clearing away toxins, strengthening  and harmonizing the immune system.

Spiritual Counseling


Spiritual counselling and Intuitive life coaching is about having a deep, meaniful
conversation with someone who holds only your best interests as their intention.
The goal is to bring about desired changes by connecting with the strentgh within
and to have a greater feeling of control in life and sense of satisfaction.


Gain insight as to what life lessons may be being learned, where you are going, and how to alter the path that you may be on.